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We started Jeggie with one goal in mind: to give people an opportunity to stand out.

We are dedicated to achieve this goal by offering the best activewear at the best price possible, while spreading our passion for design and sharing all of this through an incredible customer experience.

(If you cannot tell, that's our unique packaging)


We are obsessed with our customers. We do what we do for you, and only for you. This is why we call each of you personally and provide free shipping both ways. We know that online fashion can be awful sometimes. We are here to make it as convenient as possible.



We are obsessed with quality. Working in the supply chain for more than 30 years, we know which materials and fabrics produce the best results, for everything from comfortable casual wear to the highest performance gear. We’re always on the lookout to find the best and newest materials.



We are obsessed with trends. We work with 78 different design studios around the world to find inspiration from all corners of the world. And thanks to our responsive supply chain, we can bring this inspiration to a physical product extremely quickly.